iNoRotate Stops iPhone from Switching Between Portrait And Landscape Modes

by Mathew on November 23, 2012 in iOS Apps

Do you get tired of your iPhone screen rotating? Do you wish you could stop your iPhone screen from switching back and forth when you move the iPhone? Well, now you can with this great Cydia tweak. The tweak has been given the name iNoRotate and it keeps your iPhone display horizontal so it doesn’t change and rotate when you rotate the iPhone.

Being able to disable auto-rotate is something that should automatically be put in by Apple to begin with into the iPhone but it never has been. There’s nothing more annoying sometimes than it auto-rotating when you are trying to show someone something. Or, even worse, the iPhone playing up and auto-rotating when it shouldn’t. If you have either of these problems, then iNoRotate is the tweak you want to use. I have had both of these cases happen to me personally. And I also know that if they knew of this tweak that they would have loved to use it. Luckily for me, it was not my iPhone so I had forgotten all about their pain up until I found this new tweak and it sparked back the memories.

iNoRotate screenshot

This one is really easy to use. Once you have downloaded it for free from Cydia, it will show up in your settings. From here there’s only two options to choose from. Either enable it or disable it from this menu and that’s all to know. The tweak couldn’t be any easier to use than that. To switch back and forth through the two options, simply swipe your finger across and the bar will follow your finger.

If that made no sense to you then maybe this will: It stops the iPhone from switching from landscape to portrait and vice versa, from Portrait to landscape modes.

There are a lot of cool ones available free of charge just like iNoRotate. If you want to look them up instead of just replying to blog posts, you can tap on the Cydia app logo and enter it. From here you see a ton of different menus. Check out the one at the bottom called changes which actually look like it’s more part of the Springboard than anything else, only you won’t see this menu unless you are inside of the application. It is also noticeable from its clock logo on top of it. Now inside here will give you the entire list of changes that developers have made to everything as a download and install option.

The best part about iNoRotate is that it’s available from the Cydia BigBoss Repo for free.


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