Sync The iPhone 5C \ 5S With Gmail, Google Contacts & Calendar

by Mathew on September 22, 2013 in iPhone

Apple-iPhone-5cWhether you joined the queue, or got a friend to buy you one of the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C devices, there will be many of you looking to sync your old data to your new iPhone’s. If you are a Google fan and then use their services online, then you might use some of the following tools. If you use GMail, Google contacts and Google calendar then here is a quick guide created for your needs

From your new mobile, it doesn’t matter which one, the same process will work for both. Open up the settings app.

Go to where it says mail, contacts & calendars and lick it. Then press the ‘add account’ option.

It will now present you with some options like what type of account you want to have.

Here you want to choose the Gmail so it syncs it with this. Once you have done that it will ask you to fill in your details, do everything it asks of you.

As long as you didn’t make any mistakes it will allow you to go ahead. If you did get stuck, try again, because you most likely hit some wrong keys, as it is very good at remember what is correct or not.

From the next screen you can choose exactly what you want to sync over to the new iPhone. All that is left to do is activate the toggles. This will now begin to sync them.


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